Sell over the Borders with Amazon Global Logistics


Amazon global logistics helps you in shipping your packages across the borders

Amazon Global Logistics is crucial in modern trade by changing how items are sent worldwide. Amazon, a giant in online shopping, has carefully developed a huge system of warehouses, delivery centers, and transport networks to make delivering products to customers easier. This helps Amazon work better and also helps small businesses grow by reaching customers far away. Nowadays, when we want things fast and the world is more connected, Amazon Global Logistics is a big reason why goods move smoothly, changing how we buy things.

What is Amazon Global Logistics:

Amazon Global Logistics isn’t just a regular service; it’s like a special delivery program that brings things directly from China and Hong Kong to Amazon centers in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. It’s like having a personalized, door-to-door ocean freight service designed for businesses wanting to smoothly grow internationally.

Advantages of Choosing Amazon Global Logistics:

  1. Reduced Landed Costs

AGL stands out for its competitive rates encompassing origin pickup, customs clearance, and destination delivery. Businesses can bid farewell to hidden fees and unexpected charges, ensuring financial transparency.

  1. Streamlined Process for Business Owners

Say Goodbye to the boring paperwork and complicated logistics of shipping things across borders. Business owners can concentrate on what they’re best at without getting stuck in the complexities of shipping with Amazon Global Logistics.

  1. Speedier Delivery Options

AGL provides a range of shipping choices, from regular to swift ocean freight. This will give the businesses a chance to avail the best option and deliver their products efficiently.

  1. Comprehensive Shipment Tracking for Peace of Mind

Stay updated at every stage of your shipment’s journey with AGL’s user-friendly online portal. Real-time tracking ensures you’re always in the loop, understanding precisely where your products are and when they’re expected to reach their destination.

  1. Amazon’s Dependability and Expertise

AGL guarantees that your shipments will be handled with utmost care and delivered punctually backed by Amazon’s formidable reputation. This reliability adds an extra layer of confidence for businesses entrusting their international logistics to AGL.


 Who Benefits from Amazon Global Logistics?

Amazon Global Logistics benefits several parties. Firstly, consumers worldwide gain access to a vast array of products at competitive prices, with faster shipping options. Small businesses can leverage Amazon’s logistics network to reach a broader audience and fulfill orders efficiently, expanding their market reach. Additionally, Amazon itself benefits from increased revenue and customer loyalty by offering reliable and expedited shipping services. Local economies in regions where Amazon establishes logistics centers often experience job creation and economic growth, further benefiting communities. Ultimately, Amazon Global Logistics fosters a symbiotic relationship between consumers, businesses, Amazon, and local economies, creating a win-win scenario for all involved.


Getting Started with AGL

Initiating your journey with AGL is a straightforward process. Visit the Amazon Seller Central website and explore the program details. For additional information, reach out to Amazon Seller Support or your personal VA.


 Additional Considerations:

  • AGL is currently exclusive to shipments from China and Hong Kong.
  • Only registered Amazon sellers can leverage the benefits of AGL.
  • Minimum quantity requirements apply when utilizing AGL services.

 How to Enroll for Amazon Global Logistic:

  1. Visit Amazon Seller Central: Head to your Seller Central account and navigate to the “Inventory” section. Locate Amazon Global Logistics: Look for the “Manage FBA Inventory” section and click on “Amazon Global Logistics freight.
  2. Create or Link Your Account: If you’re new to AGL, click “Create new account.” For existing users, a simple account linking process suffices.
  3. Complete the Onboarding Process: Provide business information, set up payment methods, and establish the importer of record (IOR) for customs clearance.
  4. Book Your Shipment: Once your account is set up, commence booking shipments directly from your Seller Central account. Input shipment details, including origin, destination, and cargo type.
  5. Track Your Shipment: Keep tabs on your shipment’s progress through the online tracking portal. Receive notifications about key milestones, ensuring visibility and peace of mind.


Amazon Global Logistics plays a pivotal role in shaping the modern retail landscape by providing efficient and reliable shipping services to consumers worldwide. Through its expansive logistics network, Amazon not only benefits its own operations but also enables small businesses to thrive by reaching broader audiences. Moreover, local economies often experience positive impacts such as job creation and economic growth when Amazon establishes logistics centers in their regions. Moreover, Amazon Global Logistics fosters convenience, accessibility, and economic development, solidifying its position as a key player in the global marketplace.

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