SIPP : Amazon Ships in Product Packaging Program

The Ships in Product Packaging (SIPP) program by Amazon, formerly known as the Ships in Own Container (SIOC) program, aims to reduce packaging waste and improve sustainability. By shipping products in the manufacturer’s original packaging, Amazon minimizes the need for additional packaging materials. As of February 2024, SIPP is available in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the USA.


What is SIPP?

SIPP stands for Ships in Product Packaging. This initiative allows qualifying Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) orders to ship in their original manufacturer containers, eliminating the need for extra Amazon packaging. Consequently, this reduces waste and carbon footprint, aligning with Amazon’s sustainability goals.

Benefits of SIPP

Firstly, it has a significant environmental impact. By reducing waste, Amazon has cut packaging material by 41% since 2015. Secondly, it leads to cost reduction due to lower FBA fees as a result of reduced packaging needs. Lastly, it improves customer experience by simplifying the unboxing process, which appeals to sustainability-conscious consumers.

Eligibility and Requirements

To participate, products must meet specific Amazon SIOC requirements. The packaging must be a rigid 6-sided box, rigid/padded mailer, or a bag with minimum dimensions of 6″ x 4″ x 0.375″. Additionally, the packaging must be securely sealed and properly labeled. Hazardous materials, certain oversized items, and fragile products often require third-party testing to ensure compliance.

Enrolling in SIPP

To enroll, sellers need to ensure their packaging meets Amazon’s criteria. Testing can be done through the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) or via Amazon’s self-testing guidelines for less fragile items.

What is ISTA?

The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) is a global organization dedicated to improving the safety and efficiency of product transportation through better packaging standards and testing. Established in 1948, ISTA’s mission is to help companies reduce product damage during shipping and handling.

Resources for Sellers

Amazon provides resources like the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network for testing labs, packaging suppliers, and designers. Additionally, the Packaging Solutions Library offers design inspirations for compliant packaging.

Key Terms and Their Meanings

  • SIPP: Ships in Product Packaging
  • SIOC: Ships in Own Container
  • Manufacturer Container: Original product packaging
  • Amazon SIOC Requirements: Standards for packaging to qualify for SIOC/SIPP

By participating in this program, sellers can save on costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and contribute to environmental sustainability. For more details, visit Amazon’s FBA fulfillment fee page and certification guidelines.

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