Walmart Dropshipping : The Ultimate Guide For Sellers

Walmart Dropshipping offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to leverage the retail giant’s extensive reach and infrastructure without the need for significant upfront investment in inventory or logistics. By partnering with Walmart as a drop ship vendor or selling products on its marketplace, businesses can tap into Walmart’s massive customer base and benefit from its fast shipping options, helping to drive sales and grow their online presence. Additionally, their online sales are booming, reaching a staggering $35.86 billion in 2023 – that’s 6.7% of the total US ecommerce market! Experts predict Walmart’s share will climb to 7.1% in 2024, highlighting the potential for significant profits if you incorporate Walmart into your dropshipping strategy.
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Do Walmart Dropshipping is Allowed?

Yes, Walmart allows dropshipping in three ways:

1. Become a Walmart Drop Ship Vendor.
2. Resell Walmart products on platforms like Amazon or eBay.
3. Sell dropshipped products directly on the Walmart marketplace.
Now, let’s examine each option in detail.

Becoming a Drop Ship Vendor (DSV):

Walmart’s Marketplace offers a program where entrepreneurs can become suppliers to the company. As a DSV, you act as a manufacturer or wholesaler providing goods to Walmart. You can ship items to a Walmart warehouse or directly to customers through this program.

Reselling Walmart Products:

In this method, you purchase Walmart products and have them shipped to you. Then, you send these items to your customers. Unlike typical dropshipping, you don’t benefit from the streamlined process of direct shipping from the supplier to the customer.

Dropshipping on Walmart’s Platform:

You can sell dropshipped products directly to Walmart customers using dropshipping suppliers. While direct dropshipping from Walmart to your customers isn’t allowed, dropshipping on Walmart’s marketplace is permitted and acceptable.

Why Dropship on Walmart?

Dropshipping on Walmart is great for online sellers. You get access to a well-known platform with good products, fast delivery, and great service. Here are the main benefits:

1. Low costs: It’s free to set up a store on Walmart. You only pay a fee when you sell something.
2. Fast shipping: Walmart’s partners can deliver products quickly, making customers happy and likely to buy again.
3. Many products: You can sell in over 35 categories, but make sure your product isn’t on their prohibited list.
4. Quick start: Walmart handles store setup, so you can focus on starting your business.

But, there are challenges. There’s lots of competition, and you must stick to Walmart’s pricing rules. Still, the large customer base and low costs make it worthwhile for new businesses.

What Is a Walmart Dropshipping Vendor?

A Walmart Drop Ship Vendor (DSV) is a supplier or seller who partners with Walmart to provide products directly to customers through the Walmart Marketplace. As a DSV, you can either ship products to a Walmart warehouse or directly to customers, and Walmart handles aspects like order processing and customer service. Furthermore, This allows entrepreneurs to expand their reach by leveraging Walmart’s platform without the need to manage inventory or logistics themselves.

How to do Walmart Dropshipping:

1. Find Suppliers:
First, find suppliers for the products you want to sell. Platforms like DSers can help. Look for US-based suppliers for faster shipping.
2. Register with Walmart:
Apply to sell on Walmart by filling out a form on their website with your business information and product details.
3. Complete Onboarding:
Once approved, set up your account by providing your company info, bank details, and agreeing to Walmart’s terms. Also, upload your inventory and fill in your seller profile.
4. Fulfill Orders:
Ship products to customers. You can use Walmart’s 2-day shipping program or a service like Deliverr for fast delivery.

Is Dropshipping from Walmart Worth It?

Just like any business venture, the rewards you reap from Walmart dropshipping will be proportional to the effort you invest. In Q3 of 2023, Walmart’s ecommerce sales reached a significant 16% of their total revenue, solidifying the platform as a prime environment for generating sales. Moreover, They’re even gaining ground on the global leader, Amazon.
However, navigating Walmart dropshipping requires some strategic thinking. You’ll need to stay informed on their current policies, develop a well-defined strategy, and make a continuous effort to refine and improve your approach. Here are some key things to consider to ensure Walmart dropshipping is a worthwhile pursuit for you in 2024:
Stay updated on Walmart’s Dropshipping Policies: Regulations can evolve, so ensure you have a clear understanding of their latest guidelines for dropshipping.
Develop a Strategic Approach: Define your target audience, curate a winning product selection, and establish competitive pricing strategies.
Embrace Continuous Improvement: Stay updated on market trends, analyze customer feedback, and constantly seek ways to optimize your listings and overall customer experience.

Can You Dropship from Walmart to eBay or Amazon?

You can’t dropship from Walmart to eBay or Amazon right now. If Walmart thinks you’re dropshipping from their site, they’ll cancel your orders. eBay and Amazon also have rules against dropshipping directly from other retailers.

But you can use a method called retail arbitrage. This means buying Walmart products, keeping them in your storage, and later selling them on eBay or Amazon. Since you own the products, there won’t be any issues. Just remember to keep your receipts!


Dropshipping on Walmart can boost your business revenue significantly. Walmart’s ecommerce sales surged by 74% during the pandemic, and it’s expected to grow further as the company focuses more on its online segment.
Whether you’re new to ecommerce or a seasoned player, dropshipping on Walmart can quickly increase your exposure. Here are the four steps to get started:
  1. Find suppliers for your dropshipping business.
  2. Register to sell on Walmart without fees.
  3. Complete seller onboarding.
  4. Start fulfilling orders for customers.

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