Amazon APEX Program : Settling Patent Disputes Faster

For brands and sellers on Amazon, patent infringement can be a constant worry. The traditional court system for resolving such disputes can be slow and expensive. Futhermore, Amazon thankfully offers the Patent Evaluation Express (APEX) program, a streamlined process for addressing patent infringement claims.

Amazon apex program

What is the Amazon APEX Program?

APEX program is designed to quickly and efficiently resolve patent disputes between brand owners and sellers on Amazon’s platform. It utilizes neutral third-party evaluators, typically patent attorneys, to assess infringement claims on a single patent claim of a U.S. utility patent.

How Does APEX Work?

  1. Initiation: The brand owner (patent holder) initiates the process by submitting a request to APEX. This request includes details like the patent number and the ASINs of the allegedly infringing products (up to 20 per request).

  2. Review and Approval: Amazon reviews the request and approves it if it meets the program’s criteria (e.g., not overly technical patents).

  3. Seller Notification: Amazon informs the accused seller’s about the claim and their options: remove the product or participate in the APEX program evaluation.

  4. Evaluation Process: If the seller chooses to participate, both parties submit briefs with legal arguments and supporting information. Further, the evaluator then analyzes the evidence and issues a decision on infringement.

  5. Outcome:

    • Infringement Found: Infringing listings are removed. The brand owner receives a refund of their deposit ($4,000).
    • No Infringement: The listings remain. The seller receives a refund of their deposit.

Why is APEX Program Important?

APEX Program offers a significant advantage over traditional litigation. It’s:

  • Faster: Resolves disputes in weeks, compared to years in court.
  • Cost-Effective: Lower fees compared to litigation costs.
  • Convenient: Entire process handled through Amazon’s platform.
  • Fair: Neutral evaluation ensures a balanced outcome.

Benefits of APEX Program for Brand Owners:

  • Faster Removal of Infringing Products: Compared to lengthy court battles, APEX resolves disputes in weeks, allowing brand owners to swiftly remove infringing products from the platform and protect their market share.
  • Cost-Effective IP Protection: The program’s fees are significantly lower than traditional litigation, making it a more accessible option for enforcing intellectual property rights.
  • Discourages Future Infringement: The swift and efficient resolution of infringement claims through APEX deters potential future infringers, promoting a fairer marketplace for brands.

Benefits of APEX Program for Sellers:

  • Faster Resolution of Claims: Sellers facing infringement accusations can get a quicker verdict through APEX, avoiding the prolonged wait times associated with court cases. Furthermore, this allows them to address the issue promptly and potentially minimize disruptions to their business.
  • Reduced Litigation Costs: The program’s fees are considerably lower than litigation expenses, offering sellers a more cost-effective way to defend themselves against infringement claims.
  • Protection from Unfair Accusations: The neutral evaluation process ensures sellers have a fair chance to defend themselves against potentially unfounded infringement claims.

Overall, APEX offers a win-win situation for both brand owners and sellers by streamlining the patent dispute resolution process, saving time and money, and promoting a fairer marketplace on Amazon.

How to Remove Patent Disputes Through APEX

Here’s a breakdown of how to remove patent disputes through Amazon’s APEX program:

Before Initiating APEX:

  1. Consult a Patent Attorney: This is crucial. An attorney can verify you have a valid U.S. utility patent and assess the strength of your infringement case. Further, they can also guide you through the APEX process and ensure you meet the program’s criteria.

  2. Gather Evidence: Prepare a comprehensive report outlining how the seller’s product infringes on your specific patent claim. This report should include details like:

    • Comparisons between your patent and the allegedly infringing product.
    • Diagrams, pictures, or other visuals highlighting the infringement.
    • Any technical specifications or expert opinions supporting your claim.

Initiating the APEX Program Process:

  1. Enrollment in Brand Registry: Ensure you’re enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry program. This is a prerequisite for using APEX.

  2. Submit an APEX Request: Through the Brand Registry portal, you’ll submit a formal request for APEX review. This request should include:

    • Firstly, your patent number.
    • ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) of the products you believe infringe on your patent (up to 20 per request).
    • Thirdly, a clear and concise explanation of the alleged infringement.
    • Lastly, your prepared evidence report.
  3. Deposit: You’ll need to pay a deposit of $4,000 per request. This deposit is refundable depending on the outcome of the evaluation.

Participating in the Evaluation:

  1. Seller Notification: Amazon will notify the accused seller(s) about the claim and their options: remove the product or participate in the APEX evaluation.

  2. Brief Submissions: If the seller chooses to participate, both parties will have the opportunity to submit written briefs outlining their legal arguments and supporting evidence. Here, your patent attorney can be invaluable in crafting a persuasive brief.

  3. Evaluator Decision: A neutral third-party evaluator, typically a patent attorney, will analyze the evidence and issue a binding decision on infringement.


  • Infringement Found: If the evaluator finds infringement, the infringing listings will be removed from Amazon. You’ll receive a full refund of your deposit.
  • No Infringement: If no infringement is found, the listings remain on the platform. Both parties receive a refund of their deposits.

Important Note:

Regardless of the APEX outcome, you still have the right to pursue legal action in court if you believe the decision is wrong. By following these steps and seeking guidance from a patent attorney, you can effectively utilize the APEX program to remove patent disputes on Amazon’s platform.


This program provides a valuable tool for both brand owners and sellers to address patent infringement concerns efficiently and cost-effectively. Moreover, By understanding how APEX program works and its benefits, businesses can leverage this program to protect their intellectual property and ensure a fair and balanced marketplace on Amazon.
. Moreover, if you have any issue regarding your Amazon Seller Account contact us today and book a free Consultation Session.

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