How to Sell on Amazon Without Keeping Stuff

Running an online shop, especially a small one, can be challenging when it comes to finding space and managing inventory. Luckily, there are methods to sell on Amazon without needing your own storage space. Here are four options with a bit more detail:

how to sell on amazon without keeping stock

1. Amazon’s FBA Program:

This program, known as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), is like hiring Amazon to handle all your shipping and storage needs. You send your products to Amazon’s warehouses, and they take care of the rest. While it’s convenient, there’s a cost involved. You pay Amazon for their services, which includes storage fees and handling charges. However, one major benefit is that products enrolled in FBA often qualify for Amazon Prime, which can boost your sales because customers trust and prefer Prime products.

2. Drop Shipping on Amazon:

Drop shipping is a method where you partner with a supplier who stocks and ships products directly to your customers when they place orders. You, as the seller, don’t handle the products physically. Instead, your main tasks are marketing the products and handling customer inquiries. However, it’s crucial to follow Amazon’s drop shipping rules, which include maintaining your status as the seller of record and managing all customer service matters. While it’s an easy way to start selling on Amazon, your reputation depends on the quality of the products and services provided by your supplier.

3. Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Company:

Similar to Amazon’s FBA, 3PL companies offer storage and shipping services for your products. You send your inventory to their warehouses, and they handle the storage and fulfillment. While Amazon’s warehouses are typically more cost-effective and efficient, a 3PL company might be a better fit if you sell on multiple platforms or have specific needs that Amazon doesn’t meet. It’s essential to compare pricing and terms to choose the best option for your business.

4. Sell Digital Products:

Selling digital products on Amazon eliminates the need for physical storage entirely. Digital products include eBooks, software, and digital artwork. They only require computer or cloud storage, which is much cheaper and more manageable than physical warehouse space. Additionally, Amazon offers a program called Merch by Amazon, where artists can submit their designs to be printed on physical products like mugs or t-shirts. Amazon takes care of printing, stocking, and shipping, leaving you to focus solely on creating and promoting your designs.

You Don’t Need Inventory:

With these options, you can run a successful online business without the hassle of managing physical inventory. Instead, you can concentrate on your strengths, whether it’s marketing, creating digital products, or designing. Consider which option aligns best with your business goals and get started selling on Amazon!

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