What is Amazon Digital Service and How to Cancel it?

Amazon Digital Services encompasses an array of subscription based and on-demand digital offerings provided by Amazon. This includes access to eBooks, audiobooks, music streaming, cloud storage, video streaming, and more. Explore a diverse range of entertainment, educational, and storage solutions tailored to meet your digital needs.

what is amazon digital services

Is Amazon Digital Services something you should be aware of?

Amazon offers various digital account services for a wide range of products. Subscribing annually usually costs less than subscribing monthly, where the latter tends to be pricier.

Let’s explore the services they currently provide:

  1. Kindle Unlimited: If you love reading, Kindle Unlimited is perfect for you. Furthermore, It offers millions of audiobooks, magazines, and eBooks. You can start with a free trial and then pay $9.99 per month.
  2. Amazon Drive: Similar to Google Drive and Dropbox, Amazon Drive lets you store files in the cloud. Moreover,  New users get 5 GB free storage. For more space, you can pay $11.99 per month for 100 GB or $179.99 yearly for 30 TB. Need even more? There’s an option for $59.99 monthly or $599 annually.
  3. Amazon Music Unlimited: With Amazon Music Unlimited, you get access to millions of songs and podcasts on any device. Prime members pay $7.99 monthly or $79 annually. Otherwise, it’s $9.99 monthly. You can start listening without an account, but you’ll need to create one eventually.
  4. Amazon Kids+: This service offers thousands of kids books, movies, educational apps, and games. Amazon Kids+ charge $2.99 per month, often with discounted offers. You can also try it free for one month before committing.
  5. Amazon Prime Video: With Prime Video, you can stream your favorite shows and movies on your phone or tablet. There are many channels available, including HBO and CBS. Prime members get this service at no extra cost, while non-members pay $8.99 per month.
  6. Amazon Audible: For audiobook lovers, there’s Amazon Audible. Non-members pay between $4.95 and $14.95 monthly. Prime members get it for free. You can try it free for 30 days before deciding. There is also a common question:

Can you use amazon digital credit for audible?

No, you cannot directly use Amazon digital credit for Audible. Audible uses a credit system separate from Amazon’s general digital credit.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Amazon Digital Credit: This credit can be used for various digital purchases on Amazon, including ebooks, apps, and digital games.
  • Audible Credits: These credits are specifically for purchasing audiobooks on Audible. You typically get them as part of an Audible membership plan.

While you can’t directly use your Amazon digital credit for Audible, you can use it to purchase an Audible membership which would then grant you credits to use on audiobooks.

can i use amazon digital credit for audible

Also, be aware that unknown charges may be related to Amazon Prime renewal fees or orders placed by family members.

What is the charge for Amazon digital services?

The charge for digital services can vary depending on what specific services you use. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Amazon Prime: $14.99 per month or $139 per year. This includes benefits like free one-day shipping, Prime Video streaming, and more.
  • Prime Video: $8.99 per month if you don’t want the full Prime membership.
  • Other Subscriptions: There are many other digital subscriptions available on Amazon, like Kindle Unlimited for ebooks, or music streaming services, which typically range from $4.99 to $14.99 per month.
  • Digital Purchases: You can also be charged for individual digital purchases like ebooks, apps, or in-app purchases. These vary depending on the item.

Here are some tips to manage your service charges:

  • Review your “Memberships & Subscriptions” on Amazon: amazon.com to see what you’re subscribed to.
  • Consider canceling subscriptions you don’t use anymore.
  • Be mindful of free trials and set reminders to cancel before they convert to paid subscriptions.


What is the credit card charge for Amazon digital services?

The confusing part on your credit card statement is how Amazon lists charges for their digital services (like Prime or Kindle Unlimited). Here’s the key:

  • Forget “digital services”: That won’t show up on your statement.
  • Look for: AMZN DIGITAL or AMZN MKTP US – These are the most common codes for any Amazon digital service charge.
  • Prime membership?: You might see AMAZON PRIME followed by some random letters and numbers (like a code).
  • Other subscriptions?: These might say AMZ followed by the service name* (like AMZ*KindleUnlimited for Kindle Unlimited).

Basically, AMZN DIGITAL or AMZN MKTP US are the general codes for anything digital from Amazon, while specific services might have their own code. The amount charged depends on what you signed up for (e.g., monthly vs. yearly Prime).

Is it possible to purchase an Amazon digital charge?

Yes, it’s possible to make digital purchases on Amazon. You can buy digital products such as eBooks, audiobooks, digital music, movies, and software directly from the Amazon website or through the Amazon mobile app. These purchases are charged to your preferred payment method, just like physical purchases.

Canceling Amazon Digital Services

To cancel Amazon Digital Services, start by logging in to your Amazon account on the website. Next, navigate to the “Memberships and Subscriptions” section in your account settings. Once there, locate the specific service you wish to cancel from the list of subscriptions. Then, click on the option to manage or cancel it. Follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation. Afterward, check for any confirmation emails from Amazon to ensure the cancellation is successful. Remember to cancel before the next billing cycle to avoid being charged again. While the exact steps may vary slightly depending on the service, this general process should guide you through canceling most Amazon Digital Services.

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